Calgary Thai Food Catering

We were asked to provide lunch for a company during a full day of meetings and activities as part of their annual retreat. There were about 20 people in total with different food preferences and dietary constraints. Here is a run-down of our meeting catering for anyone who hasn’t experienced it yet.

Jackie's Thai Food Preperation

1. Delivery & Setup

The food is prepared the same day as the meeting. We arrive 30 minutes prior to meal-time with the warm food to set up.

Jackie's Thai Rice & Curries

2. Rice & Curries

The rice is fresh and kept warm in a large rice-cooker. A steam-tray is set up (power is required) for the fresh curries.

Jackie's Pad Thai & Thai Chicken Salad

3. Pad Thai & Salad

The Pad Thai and Thai Chicken Salad are uncovered and placed next to the steam-tray. Two versions of the Papaya Salad, one hot and one mild, come next.

Calgary Thai Food Catering

4. Condiments

One of the best features of Thai cooking is the unique flavours. An abundance of condiments lets everyone add some extra flavour. Lime, Cilantro, pickled mustard, fried garlic, chilli pepper and bean sprouts are supplied in abundance.

Thai Food Calgary

5. Clean-up

Once meal-time is over and everyone has had enough to eat we return to pickup the equipment.