Thai Recipe | Glass Noodle Seafood Salad

Prepare 2 cups Chicken stock

-add 1 tsp. salt

-3 tbsp. sugar
-3 tbsp. fish sauce
Stir until salt and sugar melt.
Turn off heat. Stir until cool.
Crush 6 Thai chilies and 3 cloves of garlic together.
Add to stock.
Boil 100 g glass noodles.  (about 2 minutes)
Add to stock.
Add 3 tbsp lime juice.
-1 cup diced carrots.
Mix and taste.
Should be sweet, salty, sour, and hot in every bite.
Prepare about 450 g. of any seafood or mix of seafood you like.
– boil with 1 stalk broken lemongrass. Do not overcook.
Add seafood to stock and glass noodles.
Add 1/2 cup chopped cilantro
-1/4 cup diced celery.
Stir gently.